Thal University Bhakkar Admission 2023 Last Date Undergraduate

Thal University Bhakkar Admission 2023 has been started. The last date for submission of the online application is 31 Jul 2023 Monday. For BS classes, Thal University Bhakkar has sent out an admissions letter for 2023. On July 1, the TU Admission site will be ready for online applications. Please go to to sign in or create an account. Students who are still waiting for their results can also apply to any 4-year BS program. Thal University Bhakkar’s brochure and challan form is free to download. Thal University Bhakkar fee challan. Thal University has the right major to help you reach your goals in any field. You can take your career to the next level with our prestigious BS programs, which give you a strong base to build on and open doors to a bright future.

Thal University Bhakkar Online Admission 2023 Last Date

TU Bhakkar is in Bhakkar, Punjab, and is working hard to start the most difficult BS programs. Thal University Bhakkar is a university run by the government. The office for getting into Thal University is in the TU University’s Administrative Block. This page has everything you need to know about Sargodha University Bhakar University Admissions 2023, including the entry deadline and how to apply online.

Thal University Admission Schedule 2023

Sr# List Name Date
1 Correction List (For Changes) 03 August 2023
2 1st Merit List (Regular) 04 August 2023
3 2nd Merit List (Regular) 08 August 2023
4 3rd Merit List (Regular) 10 August 2023
5 4th Merit List (Regular) 15 August 2023
6 1st Merit List (Self Support) 17 August 2023
7 2nd Merit List (Self Support) 21 August 2023
8 3rd Merit List (Self Support) 23 August 2023
9 4th Merit List (Self Support) 25 August 2023
10 Reporting List 29 August 2023
11 Last Merit List (Reported Candidates) 31 August 2023
12 Commencement of Classes 04 September 2023

Thal University Bhakkar BS Admission 2023 Online Apply

Thal University has a wide range of business, science, and science management classes. Bhakkar Merit List 2023. The deadline to apply online for a spot at Thal University Bhakkar in 2023 has passed. The standards to get into each school are different and can be found on the university’s website. Anyone who wants to apply can download the acceptance application, fee schedule, and notice from the page below. Students at the undergraduate, BS, and Hafiz-e-Quran levels can now apply to the University of Bhakkar 2023. Here you can find both the lists of people who passed the entrance test and the lists of people who are still waiting. Admission 2023 Undergraduate Application Form

Here is where you can find the college. Thal University (TU), which is one of the new universities, is often called TU. The last day to send in your application online is July 31, 2023 Tuesday. The brochure has the most up-to-date fees for all classes. The university was set up so that students from Punjab’s less fortunate Thal area could get a good education. You can find out about the cost structure by calling the office at the number listed below or by going to Students can apply for entry to Thal University in 2023 if they want to go there.

Thal Uni Admission Schedule for Undergraduate

Admission Start Date  1st July 2023
Last Date For Online Apply 31st July 2023
Commencement of Classes 4th September 2023
TU Admission Portal Login for Students Click Here
Online Admission Details Click Here

Thal University Bhakkar Admission 2023

The Thal University of Sargodha Bhakkar is a higher education school that opened in 2012. Thal University Bhakkar has something to give. A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree program that takes four years. UOS Bhakkar has different ways to get your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. It is meant to give students a deep understanding of the most important ideas and methods of business and trade. Sargodha is where the main building of the school is. Thal University TU Bhakkar also has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program that takes four years to finish.

Thal University Bhakkar Admission 2023 Procedure Online

The faculty at the campus is made up of young, energetic, well-respected young people who have been trained abroad and have a lot of experience. They are doing their best to help students from this area become responsible and useful citizens of Pakistan. The main goal of the class is to help students learn more about business and management. The goal of the school is to give kids in this poor area close to their homes access to high-quality, low-cost educational options. TU Bhakkar also has many Bachelor of Science (BS) classes that take four years to finish.

How to Apply Online?

  • Enter your email address and cellphone number at to make an account.
  • Fill out the form on the website. The 550 rupee application processing fee will be turned into a challan form that can be paid at any Bank of Punjab office.
  • The candidate must then fill out the online application and send it along with a scanned copy of the challan that was paid.
  • Before sending in an application, make sure that all of the necessary information has been given correctly.
  • If the candidate wants to apply for another school, he or she must fill out a new application and send it in with a new filing fee.
  • A candidate won’t be able to make any changes to their entry after the deadline.
  • After the entry deadline, master lists for each school will be shown according to the TU plan.
  • Students who are accepted will be notified by SMS and the university’s application system (

Thal University Bhakkar Fee Structure 2023

Tuesday, September 27, 2023, is the last day to fill out the online application. The BS studies are made so that students can learn more about the scientific process and how it is used in the real world. Visit the UOS Bhakkar entrance guide and Academic Calendar for all undergraduate and master’s admission for more information

TU Admission Portal Login 2023 Student Portal

. The process for getting into TU in 2023 is not hard in any way. Stay tuned to our website for information about Sargodha’s entrance schedule, online registration, fee structure, qualifying requirements, honor lists, entry test prospectus, Entry Test schedule, grants, faculty, ranking prospectus, housing, and courses program.

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