NTHP Result 2024 IBA National Talent Hunt Program

NTHP Result 2024 IBA National Talent Hunt Program Batch 2024 check by name, roll number and by CNIC. NTHP at IBA is a flagship initiative for inclusion and diversity that strives to bring forth the greatest talent in the nation. A total of 119 districts in Pakistan are visited annually by the NTHP team. Some of these districts are Khuzdar, Loralai and Swat.

NTHP Results 2024 Date

To prepare for the IBA Aptitude Test for undergraduate programmes, participants in the Program go through a rigorous two-month training period. At IBA campuses, candidates get free lodging throughout the training duration. Mentoring meetings with distinguished NTHP alumni and IBA faculty members are also part of the training programme 400 candidates graduate from the Institute.. In the last year, the NTHP Scholarship Program has seen approximately

NTHP Result 2024 IBA National Talent Hunt Program

NTHP Result IBA National Talent Hunt Program

Results of the IBA-IT NTHP National Talent Hunt Program for 2024 To see a list of those who have been shortlisted, go to @www.iba-nthp.edu.pk or www.studyalerts.com. Name, roll number, and CNIC may all be used to get the 2024 IBA Talent Hunt Program results. A telephone interview is necessary for all students who pass the NTHP assessment exam. Keep in mind that students who do well in the interview will be contacted to attend the NTHP Orientation Training session. For the IBA aptitude test, the IBA-Ihsan Trust National Talent Hunt Program is a joint effort between IBA Karachi and the IHSAN TRUST to find and teach the most deserving students across Pakistan. Those mentioned below have been selected for consideration in the IBA NTHP Program Batch 2024.

NTHP shortlisted candidates 2024

There are currently no results available for the 2024 Orientation intake assessment. Candidates who have been selected for panel interviews will be notified of their status on the NTHP website as soon as their names have been finalised.

IBA Talent Hunt Program 2024 Result

During the course of the programme, all applicants are provided with complimentary housing on IBA campuses. English and math classes, as well as mentoring sessions with well-known NTHP Alumni and renowned IBA professors, are all part of the curriculum. The NTHP Scholarship Program has graduated over 400 students in the past year alone.

nthp.iba.edu.pk 2024

When determining whether or not a student is eligible for Qarz-e-Hasna, consideration will be given to the suggestion of the IBA’s Financial Services Committee. The summer semester is not covered by the grant. Priority would be given to students from rural areas of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir who cannot afford to apply to IBA.

You have the option of preparing for the SAT I or SAT II in order to take the BBA admission exam (For BS Entrance test). Classes will be held at the IBA’s Main Campus in June and July of 2024. Prerequisites for applying to the National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) are mentioned below. Students that meet these requirements should visit the NTHP website and fill out the online application form.

IBA Talent Hunt Program 2024 Last date

The NTHP offers a two-month orientation programme to individuals who are academically gifted but lack the financial resources to attend college. All nominated students in Gwadar, Gilgit Baltistan, Mithi (Tharparkar), Sukkur, Hyderabad & Karachi districts will now only be eligible for the NTHP Assessment Test due to an uncertain pandemic situation in these provinces.

Result of the NTHP Assessment Test – Batch 2024 Friday, April 15, 2024
Panel Interviews Sunday, April 24, 2024
Results of the Panel Interview Friday, May 13, 2024
Orientation Program June – July, 2024
Entrance Test BBA/BBA (Ent.)/ BS(SS)/ BS(AF) Programs (ROUND No.2) TBA
Announcement of Round No.2 results TBA
Entrance Test BS(CS / Economics & Mathematics) Programs TBA
Announcement of BS(CS/EM) results TBA

IBA Talent Hunt Program 2024 syllabus

In the United States, a person’s monthly or annual income certificate is referred to as an income statement. If your parents or guardians are salaried, you should submit a copy of their pay stubs in your application. It is necessary to add an affidavit (costing Rs.100) stating that your parents or guardians are self-employed.

National Talent Hunt Program Result 2024

As soon as the conclusion of the meeting is known, students from Punjab, KPK, and Islamabad who have been chosen for the NCOC Committee Test will take it. In order to be considered, students must have earned a grade point average of 70% or above in their HSSC Level-I examinations in 2021 and will take the HSSC-II exams in 2024


If you are interested in participating in the IBA NTHP Result 2024 Merit List, you may obtain the application form for registration on this website in partnership with the Ehsan Trust. Results from the tests will also be available.

NTHP Results 2024 Shortlisted Candidates

It is possible to examine the names of those who have been shortlisted for the IBA-IT NTHP Results 2024 Date on the Internet by going to the following web addresses: http://nthp2.ibaedu.pk/ or http://studyalerts/pk/ When searching by name, roll number, or CNIC, you may learn about the IBA Talent Hunt Program. You may search for all of them. All students who pass the NTHP exam will be contacted by phone for an interview. Keep in mind that certain students will be invited to attend the NTHP orientation depending on the results of the interview. With the use of the IBA-Ihsan Trust National Talent Hunt ProgramName, roll number, and CNIC, students from all across Pakistan may be identified and prepared for the IBA aptitude exam as part of a joint venture between IBA Karachi and the IHSAN TRUST.

NTHP Result 2024 Merit List

Results from the NTHP – 2024 orientation intake assessment are currently being analysed. As soon as the names of people who will be meeting with a panel of judges have been finalised, they will post them online.During their training, candidates may stay for free on IBA campuses. The curriculum includes lessons in both English and mathematics. Also included are mentoring meetings with well-known members of the NTHP and the IBA mathematics communities. The NTHP Scholarship Program has helped nearly 400 students complete their studies at the Institute in the last year.

IBA National Talent Hunt Program – NTHP

There are four-year degree programmes listed above in which a student who is accepted may be eligible for the Qarz-e Hasna scholarship, which will cover tuition and other expenses up to 100 percent of the student’s cost.This money for college, Qarz e Hasna, is decided by IBA-Financial Services Committee members.

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Scholarships aren’t paid during the summer months. If you reside in a remote part of Sindh or Punjab, you’ll get priority at the IBA. Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are also included. They are unable to apply because they cannot afford it.

www.nthp.iba.edu.pk 2024

To prepare for the BBA admissions exam, students may utilise me or SAT II (For BS Entrance test). Classes will be held here in June and July, 2024 In order to submit an application to the National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP), students must complete all of the following conditions.

IBA National Talent Hunt Program 2024

A two-month orientation programme for students who are intelligent but can’t afford the NTHP is available. Students in Gwadar, Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan, Mithi (Tharparkar), Sukkur, Hyderabad, and Karachi districts may now take the NTHP Assessment Test. This is due to the fact that the pandemic status in the selected provinces has not been established.

NTHP Results 2024

When the NCOC Committee Test is set up, students from Punjab, KPK, and Islamabad who have been selected to take it will do so if the meeting is a success. Candidates for the next set of examinations will be held in the cities of GWADAR, QUETTA, and KARACHI (from the above provinces). You will get an email or text message from the THP Department informing you of the new guidelines.

IBA National Talent Hunt Program NTHP Result 2024

A person’s monthly or annual earnings are documented on income certificates. Include a copy of your parents’ or guardians’ most recent paycheck with your application, if applicable. Affidavits should be signed by your parents or guardians if they are self-employed (of Rs.100). Among other things, it reveals how much money they earn and other relevant details.

IBA NTHP Result 2024

Candidate selection is based on a multiple-choice exam (MCQs). For English Grammar and Composition and mathematics, this will be based on the HSSC-I and matriculation curricula. As long as the student has passed the first test in 2021 and plans to take the second exam in 2024 they may apply.

IBA STS Result 2024 | www.iba-suk.edu.pk Test Result

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