How To Donate Namanzoor.Com PTI Website Imran Khan

namanzoor com pk donation – website is now opened by the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Imran Khan made announcement through video message. Namanzoor com website aims to obtain money from the Pakistanis to help the battle of Imran Khan against the regime change outside of Imran Khan and to put pressure on Govt to go for elections. The contributions collected on website will be utilized to fund the expenditures of this full campaign of PTI. How To Donate Namanzoor.Com PTI Website Imran Khan? Please follow the below steps.

یہ ویب سائیٹ صرف بیرون ملک پاکستانیوں کے لیے ہے اس لیے پاکستان سے اسکو آپ نہیں کھول سکتے

How To Donate Namanzoor.Com PTI Website Imran Khan

How To Donate Namanzoor.Com PTI Website Imran Khan

PTI Donation Website for overseas Pakistanis website name given to it according to the voice of the People of Pakistan as the people made “Imported Govt Namanzoor” trending on twitter since this new Govt assumed control. Almost 15 Million tweets has been done using this trend on twitter in recent 6 days. Chairman of PTI Mr. Imran Khan used twitter to announce it and encouraged foreign Pakistanis to support this effort for Pakistan.

Namanzoor com Pk Donation

With in no time following his declaration hundreds of Pakistanis began making contributions to PTI on this website. The flow of visitors to this website was so great that this site was causing individuals to wait in line to make contributions. Here is the view of this web page All foreign followers of Imran khan who wants to know how they may financially donate should use following authorized PTI site which we have called NaManzoor.

PTI Official Website

The Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has officially launched the website, with Imran Khan making an official announcement via video message. The goal of the website is to request donations from Pakistanis in support of Imran Khan’s battle against regime change outside of Imran Khan and to increase pressure on the federal government to convene elections.

Na Manzoor com Website

Launching the Imported Government Na Manzoor website will be a former Pakistani Prime Minister. It’s as if you’re Shahbaz Sharif now. The objective of this website is to request donations from Pakistanis residing outside of Pakistan. The website’s inauguration was announced via video message by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Friday. “Let’s halt the conspiracy and bring the country toward the election,” he implored. Recent video messages from Imran Khan suggest that an outside effort to undermine the government was initiated. 220 million people, he claimed, had their dignity defiled by the imposition of Pakistan’s most corrupt leaders.

Https www namanzoor com

People in Pakistan have given it the title since the new government’s nickname, “Imported Govt Namanzoor,” has been a hot subject on Twitter since it took power. In the previous six days, about 15 million tweets have been made regarding this trend on Twitter. Imran Khan finances raising Namanzoor Website.

PTI Official Website Online Application’s online donation tool makes it simple to give to Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) (PTI). namanzoor com contribution has begun from the imran khan now. Foreign Pakistanis are being asked to contribute to a party that blames the United States for the demise of Khan’s government. Overseas Pakistanis are being pushed to send money by Khan, who, strangely, is asking them to support a party that blames the United States for overthrowing his government in Pakistan.

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As part of his tweet, he supplied information about the website, which solicits cash from Pakistanis residing outside the country in order to remove Shehbaz Sharif’s administration and conduct new elections in its stead. Soon after his remark, was besieged with donations from Pakistanis who wished to help PTI. This website was receiving so much traffic that visitors had to wait in line to contribute.

PTI Members List

There is an official PTI portal,, if you are an overseas fan of Imran Khan and want to learn more about how you may financially support him. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn of any fresh developments. The website’s address is, in case you forgot.

How to Donate to Imran Khan Manzoor Website @Namanzoor

It is claimed by Khan that a corrupt government has taken over Pakistan and that he wants fresh elections to be held so that Pakistanis may vote on their own future. Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States reportedly threatened former Prime Minister Imran Khan with a “threat letter” only days before a vote of no confidence against his government was held.

How to Donate in Imran Khan Website

For Imran Khan, the PTI chairman and former prime minister, the website has raised more than 450 million rupees in less than 24 hours. A website called Imported Government Na Manzoor was launched earlier this week by Pakistan’s former prime minister, Imran Khan, to request contributions from Pakistanis living overseas (

PTI Website How to Donate Via Namanzoor com

There has never been such an outpouring of support for Pakistan’s leader from Pakistanis residing outside of the country. The overwhelming number of visits from Pakistanis residing outside of Pakistan caused the website to go down. His donation page number is 2356, according to this Pakistani resident who lives outside Pakistan. According to him, at least 450 million rupees had been raised. Large quantities of money are being gathered in anticipation of this historic decision by the president.

Top Donating Countries Donation
United Kingdom 34.9%
United States 18.91%
United Arab Emirates 13.49%
Canada 10.91%
Saudi Arabia 8.44%
Australia 6.12%
Qatar 2.28%
Germany 1.97%
Norway 1.67%
Switzerland 1.31%

Imran khan Donation PTI | Website

The US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Affairs, Donald Lu, warned Pakistan’s Ambassador, Asad Majeed, in a diplomatic letter that Imran Khan’s continuing government term will have ramifications for bilateral relations. U.S. officials are said to be irritated by Imran Khan’s “independent foreign policy” and Moscow visit.

How to Donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor Official Website

People in Pakistan have dubbed it since the new administration has been referred to as “Imported Govt Namanzoor” on Twitter since it was inaugurated earlier this month. Concerning 15 million tweets have been generated in the previous six days about this trend on Twitter. Namanzoor Website gets money from Imran Khan.

Step 1 Go to
Step 2 Click on “click here to donate” button
Step 3 After clicking you will be taken to 2nd page to fill up a form.
Step 4 Fill out this form and clicks submit.
Step 5 Now chose a payment method.
Step 6 Two payment methods are available.
Step 7 Paypal and Card Payment.
Step 8 After payment you will be provided with receipt. How to Donate Funds

You may donate to Imran Khan Namanzoor’s official website from anywhere in the globe by following these instructions. Party Donation Website Launched by Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi. The Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has officially established the website. The website has gone online after Imran Khan made an official announcement through video message.

Go To Na manzoor Official Website Donation Link

Imran Khan’s supporters outside of Imran Khan are encouraged to donate money to in order to push the Pakistani government into holding elections.

Namanzoor.Com Pk Official Website By PTI Ex-PM Imran Khan

To give to Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf, provides an online facility that is simple to use (PTI). It’s encouraging to see Imran Khan contribute to again. Donations are requested from non-Pakistani Pakistanis during a celebration. The U.S. is held responsible, according to the party, for Khan’s downfall.In order to remove the “foreign-backed” administration of Shehbaz Sharif, who is now in control of Pakistan, Khan solicited money from Pakistanis residing outside the country on Friday.

Imran Khan Seeks Donation From Overseas Pakistanis To

The irony of Khan’s request for donations to a party that blames the United States for the downfall of his administration cannot be overstated., which solicits donations from Pakistanis living outside the country in order to oust Shehbaz Sharif’s administration and stage fresh elections in its stead, was mentioned in the tweet.

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At least 22 million people in Pakistan were “forced” to support what he labelled the “Haqiqi-Azad” administration, according to him. Do you know the official PTI Pakistan contribution page? The official website may be accessed from this page. The people of Pakistan should be free to pick between the PTI and the corrupt Sharif family, Imran Khan declared during his stint as Prime Minister. This is a gang that has spent the last three years in jail for corruption.

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